Welcome to Tofino Fishing Club

If you would like to experience fishing off the coast of Tofino like never before, you have landed in the right place. We are a Tofino fishing charter that is specifically focused on the needs of our clients. Tofino fishing should be an experience that you remember for a lifetime, and our accomplished guides will make sure that is the case.

Whether you will be making your first trip to the incredibly beautiful setting that is Tofino, or you have been here countless times before, our commitment is the same – to provide you with a memorable Tofino fishing experience while respecting and maintaining the natural environment that makes Tofino such a magical place.

Tofino salmon fishing is certainly a popular choice, but there are many other species that can be pursued as well. Tofino halibut fishing and Tofino cod fishing are also among the possibilities when you book through the Tofino Fishing Club. Contact us today to find our more about the trips that we offer!

Of course, you will need somewhere to stay while on your fishing expedition. That’s where Tofino House comes in. A three bedroom, two bathroom home with terrific ocean views, the house is set among the forest that helps makes this area so beautiful. Accommodating up to 10 people, a stay in the Tofino House will only serve to further your appreciation for this amazing Pacific Coast locale.

Thank you for visiting our site, and feel free to look around and learn more about the Tofino Fishing Club!

Why Tofino Fishing Club?

  • Our love of fishing Tofino.
  • Our exceptional service.
  • Our incredibly friendly team.
  • Our decades of fishing experience.
  • Our quality fishing gear and boats.
  • Our multigenerational knowledge about Tofino fishing, Tofino, wildlife and the Tofino wilderness.

What To Other People Say?

“We always catch fish in Tofino”, is Allan’s reply, and it could not be closer to the truth!

My wife and I along with our three grown sons have fished every first week in July with Allan for the last 12 years. Each time we are amazed the he consistently fills almost all of the limit of springs and halibut for four of us. That speaks volumes about his fishing skills.

The price, accommodation, and the fishing experience has kept us coming back each year.

Where to Stay?

Tofino Fishing Charter Accommodation

Our Tofino accommodation is an easy 5-minute walk to downtown Tofino. It is central to beaches, marina, boat launch & kayak launch, restaurants, shops and amenities.