About Tofino Fishing Club

The Tofino Fishing Charter Experience

Taking a Vancouver Island Fishing Vacation is something that every outdoor enthusiast should put near the top of their list, and the Tofino Fishing Club is the perfect partner to make that dream come true. The Tofino Fishing Club experience is all about opportunity – the opportunity to experience spontaneous wildlife sightings, the opportunity to use top-quality gear on great boats, and the opportunity to fish with some of the friendliest and most-knowledgeable guides in the business.

Speaking of our guides, they are what will really take your Tofino fishing charter experience to the next level. Our guides were born and raised in the Tofino area, and they possess knowledge that simply can’t be gained other than through time and experience. The Tofino fishing knowledge that they possess has been passed down through generations, and it will directly benefit you when you take a charter trip with one of our friendly guides. The whole point of taking a fishing charter is to land some great fish, and our guides will help you get the job done. Whether your goal is Tofino Chinook fishing, Tofino Rock Cod fishing, or any other type of fishing, trust our guides to help you land the big one.

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There's More to This Place

Tofino salmon fishing is what draws many visitors to the area, but they keep coming back year after year because of the variety of other activities in the area in addition to the great fishing. Some of the non-fishing reasons to come enjoy this beautiful place include…

Wildlife Sightings

The Tofino area is wonderfully natural and preserved, so there is plenty of wildlife to spot whether on the land or out on the water. A partial list of the wildlife that can be enjoyed includes whales, seals, bears, wolves, eagles, cougars, deer, and much more.

Explore the Forests

Looking to enjoy some of the most-beautiful forests in the world? The evergreen rain forests on Vancouver Island fit that bill, and Tofino offers thousands of miles of hiking trails which will take you right out into the middle of it all.

Explore the Beaches

You don’t have to be in a tropical setting to enjoy stepping foot on a beach. The beaches here are a combination of sandy and rocky, and there are plenty of tide pools and collections of drift wood to explore. The rugged landscape of the coast along the Pacific Ocean means that you could never grow tired of exploring the countless coves and bays that dot the coastline.

Client Testimonials

We have had the pleasure of hosting guests from all over the world. Here are some of their stories.

Over ten years our group has always caught a load of salmon & halibut, on many occasions far out-pacing the bounty of the other boats. Depending on the time of season, ling cod, crab and prawns are available for the taking

Don Roberts

Tofino, Vancouver Island Amenities

While you might be drawn to Tofino for the natural beauty that is offers, you won’t have to go without basic services and amenities during your stay. Tofino has plenty of shops, restaurants, educational and cultural opportunities, hotels, and marina, and more. One visit to Tofino should be all it takes to have you planning a return trip as soon as possible.